Lost your bearing?!

This morning, on the way to work my bike suddenly lost power along the MRR2 and when I stopped I couldn't push it forwards or backwards - it had seized! Well, i though it was a transmission belt problem at first but it turned out to be a clutch cover bearing failure! luckily my mechanic does road side repairs and even when i called i'm at 8 plus he answered but having to call into his workshop first to take his tools he only arrived at 10.30am. I straight away called the office informing them of my situation and that i might be slightly late...Luckily also the bike stalled near an Esso petrol station which was one of those full service petrol station. I knew that Ah Chong (my mechanic) would be late so I called my brother to pick me up from the petrol station and I will come back later when the bike is being fixed. While waiting for my brother I managed to appreciate the services provided by Esso. First thing i noticed was their petrol station had a nice toilet which was IN the petrol station shop as opposed to hidden behind the petrol station. Very impressive. Then they have this cafe like corner in the shop. Very nice. They serve hot food like hot dogs grilled chicken and stuff - complete with take away but they also serve pre packed nasi lemak of all varieties, mee goreng and mee hoon. They also serve hot drinks from on of them hot drinks dispensers. Cool. All served in a nice little eating area with nice tables and chairs. They did this breakfast set which included 2 of the packed breakfast items plus a coffee or tea for only 2.90. So I had that while waiting for my brother to come take me home. The nasi lemak was okay but the mee goreng was erm... different. too bad they had run out of mee hoon!

When my brother came he was worried that my bike was left by the roadside but I told him that the rear wheel was jammed. While he was on the phone i tried pushing the bike backwards and forth a few times and suddenly the wheel broke free. Result! So i then pushed the bike into one of the parking spots at Esso and we left the petrol station feeling less worried. About 30 mins after getting home Ah Chong called asking where I was. he was already there! I told him to just start doing what he needs to do first - "don't wait for me". 10 mis later he called me again saying that the problem was the bearing, not the belt so he needed to go back to his workshop to replace the bearing. luckily the bearing was on a detachable section of the drivetrain. He just took the part to his workshop and replaces the bearing there, and later come back to Esso just to refit the part. At that point I was just about to leave home and by the time we reached Esso and parked, Ah Chong arrived in his white Sym VTS. It reminded me of a police bike. He showed me the damaged part and I saw the missing balls in the bearing and also the grinded metal bits on the ground which i presume was the missing balls. The refit took about 10 mins, too bad i forgot to take photos of it but here is the damaged part. good thing this was not an expensive part or even worse - if the part was hard to find! So in th end I made it to the office at 11 something, almost 12. If it weren't for the IPC needed to be submitted today I wouldn't have bothered coming. At that time I had lost the mood to work already...

The part that caused all the grief. the missing balls have turned into metal filings, ground to pulp..

Anyhow! All in all that was a terrible start to my day but at the same time the whole experience made me appreciate good petrol stations together with their services and also reinforced my perception that Ah Chong really knows his stuff... Well, every cloud has it's silver lining I guess. It's up to us to decide if we want to only see the bad or only the good in things or try to balance remembering the bad,- in order not to repeat it and remembering the good to make us appreciate it. Right now my clouds are grey and it is raining... what whether to go home through!... take care guys!