Underaged drivers

Today we're having a maths test at Mentari so while they're doing thetest I basically have not much to do. I'm sitting by the side and they can call me if they need me. So I'm blogging in the mean time. Today I noticed a common thing but suddenly thought of it seriously. In flats, suburbs and kampung areas kids riding motorbikes is not a rare occurrence. In light of the recent police shooting of an under aged driver it brings up a few points about driving. Parents shud be aware.

 Though it might look cool to your peers, this is very dangerous behaviour.

What does it take to be able to drive? If u say clutch control, steering control, road safety awareness, alertness and things of the like you are only half right. I think a major part of driving on public roads is responsibility. Responsibility cannot be taught in driving schools and is a trait learned with time and experience. This to me is a major part of driving and what differentiates good drivers and those that shouldn't be on the roads. And that's why there's an age limit to getting a license even though many can obtain the skill to drive at a much earlier age.

Take for example running a red light. Could a young inexperienced driver internalise the ramifications of his actions? What if a car from the other junction were to drive by and he hit that car? Would he be responsible enough to stop and deal with the situation? Or would he just drive off away running from the collision scene? Does he know his rights and the rights of other motorists? Do you for that matter? It is indeed a sad say for that kid that panicked and drove away frm the
police only to get shot. That shud not have happened but parents should be aware that their kid's lives and the lives of others are at risk every time an under aged driver is on the roads. Cars are dangerous things. They have the potential to kill the occupants and those in their path. Which reminds me of a line from the movie "Hot
Fuzz" at the accident scene the police officer says "we call this a collision. An accident suggests that no one is at fault." How very true....

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