Flowers for mother

Come mother's day every year I try to get my mother some flowers. She loves flowers. I don't remember every year (boo hoo) but when ever I do I will get them at this stall at the Seri Rampai street market. It amazes me that this elderly couple still does this till now and I'll be very sad if by chance one year I come to the stall and find them not there =(. This is how the stall looks like:

The humble stall that I have been a patron of once a year for many years

As you can see by the time I was there at around 8.45am alot of the roses were already sold out! I was left with yellow roses which actually signify friendship. Having not much choice I asked the aunty (my grandma would call her a "Nyonya") how much each rose cost. She said RM1 per rose. I was like, cool I'll take 5 then and can you arrange them in a bouquet too? She said sure and gave the 5 roses to the uncle behind:

The uncle in action

He picked and matched a few other flowers to compose his bouquet. The end result is very good, so good till my mum does not want to take the flowers out of the bouquet! Here's the bouquet:

So there you have it. The end product cost more than RM5 but I think for what I got it's still pretty cheap. A simple gesture that brings joy to other's hearts. It could never repay the times she had to endure when we were growing up but serves merely as a token of appreciation. The real gratitude is in your daily actions and how your treat your mother. Happy mother's day to all mothers out there! =)