Back at work

I'm actually 30 mins early for Abs class today. I failed to find
victims to help me kill time at KLCC after the Special President
address. I hate being early cos ill hve to kill some time somehow.
Good thing I can blog from my phone.
I would like to blog about "Kacang Pool" or red beans as my grandma
was so obsessed with getting 10 cans of them from Geylang Market.
Since the pics are on my desktop at home I guess that'll have to wait
till later tonight. A post about food without photos is erm...
So I guess ill comment abit on the President's address just now.
Actually Petronas' rumor mills are quite efficient. The "framework"
I've been hearing before was quite accurate. The details ofcourse was
the juicy bit. They presented the new corporate structure and how the
new EVPs would have more freedom to run their businesses more
independently. The theme was a more decentrised corporate structure
with more ownership and accountability at all levels. Succession was
also to be made more institutionalised.
So, how would this effect me? Well, I won't know till next Monday when
my VP will brief us. I am forseeing a lot of change at the research
side of things. A change of career might just be in order? Ill stay
put in Petronas as I see these changes are for the better insyallah...
Till kacang pool tonight....class is starting soon...

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