This is your life

That was supposed to be the title for this post. I've even started writing the 1st paragraph during the lunch break! When I got home I thought it thru again and decided to change it. Now come late evening I had to do the dishes again cos no one was home to do them! We normally take turns to do the dishes and I had only did my turn on Monday. Agak tertekan jugaklah... cos i had planned the evening and how I'd spend it. I hate unplanned activities, esp when I had planned things ahead. So, after doing the dishes it's now quite late and I hate to post a blog post "just because" and when I'm not in the mood eventhough today reading Roe's blog left me in a sentimental, nostalgic mood for the rest of the day. Anyways, I will save the post above for another day and talk about something else tonight. Plus my already messy room is full of old albums I'm sifting thru for old photos to scan. I'd hate to leave it messy overnight so I'll finish scanning the photos tonight.

So, what am I gonna talk about today? Well, i'm gonna talk about things one does when their alone or while concentrating hard - i.e when you're in your own world. I was inspired to write about this after bumping into a colleague after i exited the staircase into the corridor of the floor above on the way to the surau. She was humming a tune. Well, I don't hum tunes but I do sing, albeit very badly but this is about when you're alone so "no persons were harmed". hehehe... I'm sure alot of us actually do this. I do this alot when I used to drive to work as I usually blast the stereo up and immerse into my very own kareoke heaven! hehehe. But I must waren my readers, please do not get carried away as to avoid untoward embarrassment. It has happened to me a few times at traffic lights when I was carried away singing and a bus happened to stop next to me and like 20 people were getting a free "muted music video". hahaha... if you don't notice it's ok but when like the girls sitting at the windows are looking at you giggling then tak beslah... hehehe

Now I ride my Scooter to work and listen to my iPod during the journey I have been known to occasionally sing in the helmet! hehehe.. I always wear a full faced helmet for max protection so my head is in a "closed environment". I dun sing that much while riding tho, thank god. At the work station and whilst walking some singing does happen but at a very low volume... hehehe... maybe I should reciting Dzikr instead? hehehe.. Good night everyone.