The cake!
That sums up the post launch event today at Mentari. I was happily taking photos until suddenly the kids started popping the party poppers! At this point I was still oblivious to what was actually happening. It was only when Syafiq came out with a cake and actually walked towards me that I realised. The surprise was FOR me! and 2 other volunteers with birthdays close to mine of course. Birthdays are not a big deal for me and I don't really celebrate them but I do appreciate other people's efforts to make my day special cos my birthday was just another day only people wish you whenever you see them and you get lotsa messages on your wall and via text messages... We had a nice cake with candles on them! hahaha.. I didn't feel my age at all. hehehe plus all the kids were singing for us. Very touching. We ended up having to share the cake with 20 odd kids but it was OK. They deserved to be rewarded for their performance today.

 Syafiq with the cake. I should've suspected something fishy was going on. Esp with Fadiah distributing the party poppers to the kids...

The three of us cutting the cake. Guess who's the oldest of the lot? hehehe

Cikgu YB lining up with the kids for some cake. I got a slice after distributing the first pieces to the kids.

I received a present from Kak Wani and family. When I finally opened it it was a photo frame! and guess what photo was in it? It was one of the photos from our very first few classes with me trying to get the kids to raise their hand to answer! Very nostalgic photo. How different was Mentari Project back then with little to no funding and only a handful of volunteers. We have gone far indeed.

I didn't get a chance to really properly thank those involved in the surprise. It was really really sweet of you guys. You guys really caught me off guard. I love the gift too! Thanks again guys =)

My birthday present. The photo brings back fond memories.