Shopping is something I don't normally do. I wear clothes till they are absolutely worn out. I have not outgrown a T shirt since I was 14. Oklah, I can't wear my jeans from Leeds that are the fitting type. Oklah, we've established that I am a fashion time machine. This post is actually about window shopping.

I met up with my tenant to get the keys back from her as she had moved out. We were supposed to meet at 7pm at KLCC but I arrived early. So apa lagi? I had to kill time by doing some window shopping - something I haven't done in years! The obvious first target was the departmental stores. Just scouting what's on the hangers this season. whilst passing the men's dept I remembered someone suggesting guys that can pull of wearing pink are cute. Hahaha... though I think do think pink tops are so last season (i'm the one to say huh?) I was eyeing this rather cool stripy pink-red shirt. I know that almost all my work shirts are stripy but i guess that's me. hehehe.... Anyways, I wasn't gonna buy anything so I quickly moved on. Next stop was the watch dept. If you know me you'll notice that I don't wear a watch. In fact I have 3 watches at home but i never wear them. Oklah, only 1 is still working but still, i dun like to wear watches - or any accessory for that matter. I always think of what ppl think of guys that dun wear watches? I already look very young, I wonder if not wearing a watch makes me look more kiddie like and immature? Takkan if I'm gonna meet my future father in-law looking like a kid? hahaha.. so I continued looking at watches. Why are men's watches so big?! I was thinking that all of them are too big for my petite wrists...

Anyways, that was a waste of time as I wasn't gonna buy any clothes anyways. So I went to check out electronic stuff - not that I was gonna buy anything anyways but I had time to kill... Most obvious target was  Sony Wings... but when I got there it was shut for renovations. Deym... So ok, next place would be Best Denki. So, when I got there it seems that the next big thing is 3D TV! I thought LED TV dah cukup canggih! Looks like ppl are going 3D! Problem is you hafta wear 3D glasses and the 3D content is not widely available. I am quite interested actually in getting an LED TV when I move into my own home so I checked out how much these babies cost. still on the expensive side... *sigh*...the normal LCDs were so cheap though. 40inch Sony LCDs were going for RM3k ish.. wow.. Ok, when I got bored of TVs I went to check out the washing machines. My tenant left me with a washing machine so I wanted to see how much washing machines cost. OMG, when i got there I was amazed at how many types and designs of washing machines there are! I guess most of them are just gimmicks - how else can u differentiate a "white box kitchen appliance"? U have your top loading ones with various tub designs, inverters, "silver wash" lah... then there's the front loaders, and front loaders with dryers, japanese makes, Korean makes and also European makes! damn! choosing kitchen appliance is not easy! I dared not go looking at the fridges after that... hehehe... Anyways, my tenant called after that so i went down to collect the keys.

After collecting the keys I went back up to check out some fitness stuff. Alang2 in KLCC kan? My right hand was still abit swollen around the knuckles so i though i'd check out the boxing gloves if any. my current gloves are semi-contact cloves and they don't protect the finger ends and the palm is exposed. I always have troble when doing uppercuts and hook punches... my fingers hurt afterwards and I am unable to punch hard. So time for a proper set of gloves i said to myself.

  My trusted old ITF semi-contact gloves
I know the ones at fitness concept and they're not so good quality. So I gave the Everlast shop a try. Last time i went they only sold apparel. Crap. Who buys Everlast apparel anyway?! they're a boxing company so sell boxing stuff lah! hehehe... when I came in to the shop it was like somene listened to the complaints in my head! hahaha... they had a section with boxing gear! Woo hoo!! result! And the time i went the boss was at the shop. Those who have gone "shopping" with me will know that I like to talk to the shop guy on stuff I'm interested in. So I was browsing through their selection of gloves which was quite considerable for just one brand. Different types and different weights and quality. I so wanna get them Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gloves later!! hahaha... I tried a set on and felt "invincible" for a while... hahaha... Ok ok... get on with the story Afif!

After trying out a few gloves for size, comfort and quality I asked the guy if they brought in the leather gloves. he said no. But he pointed to the one in the glass drawer...a clear sign that it was gonna be expensive... hehehe... I asked to try them on. Man, the ventilation on these babies were excellent. I could feel the air-con of the shop on my palm... wickid... plus the material used was softer and according to him more durable... give me quality and I can tell the difference... But was kinda skint... that's when the evil of plastic money came in. I know insya allah next month I'll be expecting some extra income to come in so I pun made the decision to get the pair of gloves in the glass drawer.... I justified to myself "ala...RM50 je more expensive"... hehehe... when I got home I further justified to myself that I didn't buy anything for myself this birthday... hahaha... Justify men justify... hehehe so here's my newly appointed birthday gift for 2010:

Greatness is within... what a cheesy tagline...

 I'll be mentally telling myself that I'm broke because of you guys (the gloves)