PRSB Mini Sports Carnival 2010

It's called a mini sports carnival cos the real sports carnival is in May/June. That's the Karnival Keluarga Petronas (KKP) which is the Petronas main sporting event of the year. This mini one was organised by us for us.

The day started early. I left home at 7.15 ish. The roads were clear so the journey was very pleasant. Riding a bike on weekend mornings is an experience everyone should try. I even saw Farhana on the way to PERMATA.

Anyways, When I arrived I went straight to the registration booth and collected my "early bird" gift even though i wasn't that early. I guess early is relative...They had packed breakfast for us in the form of Nasi Lemak, sandwiches, apples and bottled water. I'm not a fan of sandwiches so i took 2 packs of Nasi Lemak.. hehehe... the nasi lemak reminds me of my younger years where there were people selling packed nasi lemak in newspaper for like 50 sen... ah... but this nasi lemak was not bad at all.  

We all warmed up at the field next to the courts

Ooh yeah... nobody, nobody but you *clap, clap*.... hehehe
Right, the first event was the senamrobic or aerobics. Mass exercise. It was fun.... I guess... hehehe... i quickly whipped out my camera and started taking pics. My excuse not to do the aerobics! hehehe... here are some of my "victims", no names will be mentioned:

Look at the guys "backstage" bersemangat

Semangatnya Fad!
hehehe... sorry in advance if u find yourself in these photos k =p. Next up, the CEO kicks off the games by doing one of our sukan rakyat, bowling kelapa.

  Wondergreen - my team woo hoo!

So, the events kicked off. Games that were played on that day included volleyball, football, netball, pétanque, sukan rakyat (telematches) and there was a surprise event - tug of war! I was in the volleyball team. I like games that involve jumping... hehehe... I also helped out the sukan rakyat team in one or two games. So, we shall start our coverage with the sukan rakyat - well, only the ones that I witnessed as i was at the volleyball court most of the time.

the best photo though goes to: cute....

Some of the other sukan rakyat games:

So yeah, our team got 2nd for the game I was part of. that walk on brick game thingy... quite tiring to be honest....

Ok, let see what's going on at the volleyball court. Unfortunately, there's alot of green bashing happening at the volleyball court. All games were close games but I guess we were quite unlucky. But it's ok, we all had fun and we made sure everyone got a chance to play. We ultimately lost all games and the winner was the blue team i think. Damn it was hot that day! Anyways, here are some photos from the volleyball court:

The Wondergreen team!

 Check out the pompom kids. Glee or geli? Which father made them do this? hahaha...

From the volleyball court, lets go to the netball court. I didn't take many photos here nor did I follow any of the matches. But here are some photos I stole from a collegue's Facebook hehehe:

Alahai... cutenya the kid holding the banner to cheer on his mother!

Dah, habis. Now we're off to the pétanque playing grounds a bit further out from the main sports area. I didn't have time to go there so again, i curi some photos from Facebook. For those who dunno what this game is all about, think of it as main guli but with bigger, heavier steel balls. pics:

I kinda like playing this game. Relaxed and exciting at the same time. Like a slightly more physical board game. =)

Right, where do we go now? Yes, to the football field!I didn't follow the football but all i know is that we were in the finals and it all boiled down to a penalty shoot out. Exciting stuff... lets get into the action:

Go Azman! that's my officemate there! hehehe

Taking the shot

Damn! he missed!

Yes, we lost by penalties. That missed shot didn't help. But it's ok, it's not about winning... until someone rubs it in your face that is... hahaha... but it was also good for the spectators that it came to a penalty shoot out.

Last sporting event for the day: tarik tali or tug of war. No one was told of this event before hand. Kira surprise event lah ni... Our team was still playing football at the time the event started so we didn't have many big men to participate. that's why little old me got roped into the event! hahaha.. our players were mostly small guys like me. hahaha... we were anticipating quick defeats but surpirse, surprise.... we managed to win one match! hey hey hey.. not bad huh? lets have a look at some of the action:

All the teams in action

yeah, we tried our best but we were all very small ppl and none of us we wearing studded shoes

We won this one match! Result! the Red team supported us! look at the guy cheering us on! hahaha

hehehe... it was fun eventhough we lost most of the matches. There did however seem to be a correlation between which side of the field the teams were pulling and who wins the match as even we won at that side of the pitch! =)

After all that, it was time for the team parade and prize giving ceremony... lets get into the shade and into some air conditioning...

The Blue Pirates

The Red Tigers

The green and yellow parades

My favourite mascot - the Yellowbot - very creative
This is what we were all vying for:

The prizes

In the end, Wondergreen didn't do as well as well as we would've wanted to but hey, we matched last years performance which wasn't that good anyways but most importantly we had fun, inspite of all the uncertainty looming around the future of PRSB and the imminent re-org of the Petronas corporates structure. At least for a few hours, our minds were off those things and we just had fun. Cool. So, till the next event. See you guys next year insya allah!