Yay! The photobook I made of my backpacking trip to Andalucia and Morocco is ready! This photobook however only covers the Andalucia part of the trip. I am quite happy with the result in general but one of the pages is upside down! =( Well, it's a free copy so i can't really complain. This friend of mine has just started a speciality printing business where he prints photobooks, cards, paper bags, badges and similar items. The company name is and he offers very competitive prices. I designed the layout and arranged all the photos and he printed and binded the book for me. The book he made for me is A5 in size and is printed on textured art paper. A special feature of his books is that the pages open flat so that you get an uninterrupted flat page when the book is printed. It would normally retail for RM99 for a 25 page book. A larger one would of course cost a bit more but it would make the perfect coffee table book for your guests while they wait for you to get them a drink. If you are interested in getting your own photobook of any of your trips or events, i can get you in touch with him. I might have a bigger one made of my Andalucia trip! All in all I had fun designing the book and going through the photos brought back fond memories of my first solo backpacking trip.