Pasar Tani

Today was my turn to go grocery shopping at the Pasar Tani or Farmer's market. I came relatively early today around 7.30 ish and was home by 8.15am! result! Today mum didn't request anything pelik2 so it was a straight forward point and shoot, twist and go affair. I only arrive a bit too late to get any paru. I won't translate that cos in English it joust sounds not so appetising. No veggies or eggs needed to be bought either. Thing is with me, eventhough i'm tired, once the sun is up i find it very difficult to sleep. So I could not go back to sleep after the market excursion. So what do i do? Well, I clean the 2 whole chicken I bought at the Pasar Tani. Cleaning the chicken involves getting rid of the excess fat, unwanted skin - I do like the chicken skin on some chicken parts and separating certain internal organs that are edible. Very the leceh... but sometimes all these tedious tasks are calming to do esp with my iPod on as it takes the mind off other things and the task doesn't really use up much "processing power". So that was the morning.

Oh, I saw something very interesting at the parking lot of the market:

The pakcik with the Porsche Cayene loading his shopping

Looks like rich people go to the Pasar Tani too! hahaha... beli apa tu pakcik?