Mum cooks arab...

I was hoping she did the nice lamb tomato soup I like but it was late so a quick dinner was the order of the day. So, I went shopping for the ingredients. I couldn't find 2 things: 1) Mint leaves (daun pudina) 2) Coriander leaves (Daun ketumbar). The two things my mum said added just for the aroma so it's ok if I couldn't find them. Well, it was late and all the herbs and fresh veggies were already sold out of the ones left were in a sorry state.

So, here's what we're trying to achieve:

Firstly you need to tumis all the base ingredients in butter, onions, garlic, cinnamon bark, cengkih, that bitter seed thingy, pepper seeds and that star thingy... hehehe... i dun know the names of the things. I just know how they look like abd how to use them. If a healthier option is required, please tumis in palm or olive oil.

Once that is done, it's time to chuck the lamb/mutton in. make sure u get rid of the nasty fatty stuff k. Eat well, but also eat healthy k. "sebuah pesanan khidmat masyarakat". This example has been cleansed of most of it's fat:

Put in a little water, about 2 tomatoes and some tumeric (kunyit) for colouring.:

Wash the rice and put enough water in as the amount of rice requires. The mint leaves would go in here now if i had found them at Carrefour earlier. But it's just for the aroma so it's ok. Before you close the lid, add a pinch of salt.

Let it cook over a small flame. Half way, you may need to give it a quick stir. the top bit usually cooks slower than the bottom so u need to get the uncooked rice at the top down where the heat is.

Cook till u think it's ready. We had this with salsa sauce. It's stupidly easy to make. Get some onions and tomatoes and blend. Then squeeze one lemon into the mix. The coriander leaves go here but obviously i didn't find any.. =(  Mum said if you want a bit hot, just add some chillies before blending. We didn't have it hot..

Last on the menu was the salad. Just a simple lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes in a dressing of lemon juice with some salt and sugar. Malay style according to mum.

So there you have it. Sunday dinner. It was absolutely scrumptious! Totally filled myself. Will sleep well insya allah. Tired from DIYing and full of lamb goodness... hehehe... good night my friends.