Fitness test

Ok, everyone is getting all crazy over the engagement post. My unique hits for today exceeded 100 and people tuned in from places like Japan, Korea, India and even Saudi Arabia! Fedtri, r u tuning in whilst doing your umrah?! hehehe...

Master Mark: "this is how you play..." =P
Anyways, normal service is resuming today. I'm gonna talk about the fitness test we did today at MK Academy. When we were at WMAC we used to have this fitness test every 2 months or so. Every single time I will end up almost fainting! The test is designed to push your body to almost failure.

So, we started with the usual BMI calculation. We took our height and weight measurements and calculations. My last medical check up by Prince Court Medical Centre - the one where I found out that I had elevated cholesterol level my height was 175cm and I weighed a porky 70 kg. I think I haven't gotten any shorter since then but I now weigh 66kg! wah! When did I lose the 4kgs? Magic! Anyways, I ended up with a BMI number of 21.55 which is on the lower side of ideal. Ideal is between 20 and 25. Cool, but I was kinda expecting that. I'm so small anyways!

Then our instructor, Master Mark demonstrated the exercises we were going to do. 9 exercises, we need to do as many as we can in 30 seconds for each exercise, with a 30 second break in between. This is what makes my almost faint everytime. This time ok pulak. I didn't feel like fainting.
Some action shots from my slow blackberry camera.

Anyways, the 9 exercises were Star Jumps, Knee raises, Squats, Sit Ups, Leg Raises, Hyper-extensions, Push ups, Tricep push ups and lastly the dredged Burpees... all continuously at 30 seconds each with a 30 second rest in between. This is to get the heart rate going. Later after the whole thing ends he will explain how to do the calculations and what the numbers mean but first, we measured our Normal Heart Rate (NHR). Readings were in beats per minute (bpm).

After that, we started the test in partners. One person will do and the other will count how many reps the partner can do. Easy? Well, try doing it! Man..doing push ups in 30 seconds is no joke ok! Leg raises lagi lah! The hardest was the Burpee. Damn! last exercise and the hardest one too! by then the lactic acid build up was already bad and power to the limbs was weaning.

I kid you not. I felt really light headed after the test!
After we finished, straight away we had to take our Training Heart Rate (THR). This is a measure of how hard your heart pumped during training. After we got that down and had a short rest Master Mark explained what the numbers meant. Firstly, we needed to calculate our max heart rate. This is calculated by subtracting your age from 220. My max heart rate is 191bpm. He then told us that our training heart rate should be between 80-90% of our maximum heart rate. Athletes must train to keep their heart rate between 80-90% of their max in order to exercise the heart. My training heart rate was 155.33bpm which falls within the 80-90% of my max heart rate. Cool. No wonder I felt light headed after the test! After the test was the usual kickboxing class which was another hour! good thing it wasn't too heavy. =S
 My "results sheet". This is my famous "doctor's handwriting"
So there u have it. The fitness test. It turns out that I'm quite fit. But I still need to cut down on the cholesterol. I think I'm gonna get a re-test of my blood in a few month's time. Anyways, I'm off to bed now. I'm so gonna sleep like a log! So tired...