Have you ever been in a situation where you're sat in your car in a traffic jam and suddenly you hear a siren and you move over to the side? The siren in these situations are usually from an ambulance so you take pride in knowing that you moving to the side makes a difference to whoever needs that urgent medical attention. But then you see the sea of motorcycles behind the ambulance and you kinda feel abit annoyed and quickly "close the gap". Hahahah!! I know I've been there.

But this morning I was one of them motorcyclist behind the ambulance and I must say, having a siren is way cool! slicing thru rush hour traffic has never been this easy! I ended up overtaking the Ambulance after it helped me cut through the Bukit Antarabangsa - Ampang daily jam on the MRR2. Ambulances are not so fast afterall....

Anyways, today will be a day of many things so I'd better get on with the day. Have a great day ahead guys. =)