"Chef at home"

Have you ever watched that show on AFC? Well, today was a pretty stressful day at work. I overlooked something and the result of that was not good. I needed to do some damage control but the guy I needed to see was in a meeting till very late. I had to go back. Today was supposed to be plyometric training class and Taekwondo sparring but because I stayed back at the office I had to skip class and went straight home. When I got home everyone was tired and no one could cook. I'm usually very lazy when it comes to cooking but since everyone was out of action plus I was feeling rather stressed out I said I'd cook. Plus i find cooking very therapeutic. Well, to be honest I think taking my mind off work and concentrating on something else is the key to a stress free life. Hahaha... I should write a book one day.

Anyways, que the Chef at home voice - his voice is very calm and calming hence the why I chose him over the other celebrity chefs out there. Today, we will learn how to cook another one of my signature dishes: erm... I just realised, I don't have a name for it! I shall call it Oyster Chicken. Ingredients are simple. All you need is some garlic, oyster sauce, chicken and a pinch of salt.

The two onions you see are for my other dish, the same tikka masala that i did last time but this time I used beef instead, just for testing purposes. Ingredients were the same only I ground the coriander seeds this time. Anyways, back to my oyster chicken. Firstly, u need to ground the garlic like below. As you can see, I do not like to use the blender.
Once its all ground up, chuck it in with the chicken, pour some oyster sauce, add salt to your taste and mix. After thoroughly mixed, marinade for at least 30 mins. It should look like this:

Back in my student days I'd use the grille to grill the chicken but over here we have an electric grille but I dunno why we dun used it so we use a flat non-stick pan and use it to grill the chicken. like so:

After a while the end result should look something like this:

Yummy!! I had an assistant chef in my sister tonight and she cooked some kuah lemak to go with the grilled oyster chicken. Here's my beef:

The end product:

I still think chicken tastes better than beef for this dish.

Anyways, it's past midnight. I'm VERY sleepy. My family loved my tikka masala and that in turn made me feel happy. Sunday is my brother's tunang ceremony so I'll be going to Mentari on Saturday. Who ever is free, please come down tomorrow at 2pm - 4.30 at block 8, Desa Mentari. c u there!