Che Fif

Hehehe.. seems that alot of Malaysian bloggers have tried this before so it's only a matter of time before I did. Plus I should've gone to bed like an hour ago so it needs to be concise. So here we go, this is my blog in Che Det (Dr Mahathir Mohamed) style. =P

1. I realised that my tyres had lost some air yesterday after my DIY session at my condo.

2. I didn't think much of it, just pumped the tyre and told myself I'll get it fixed tomorrow (Monday)

3. I woke up in the morning with my front right side tyre totally flat

4. I rushed back home after work today to get it fixed as I will be Driving to Singapore this weekend.

5. I had to completely inflate a flat tire with a bicycle pump in order to get to the tyre shop. Pumping a flat tyre by hand is not easy. Trust me...

6. After getting to the shop it turns out that the valve was leaking air.

7. I personally thought that they could've just tightened the bolts in the inside of the wheel and that would've solved the problem.

8. They persuaded me to change the valve at a cost of RM18 for a metal valve as opposed to RM5 for a rubber one. I trusted the metal one would be more durable so I got that one at RM15.

9. I always bargain wherever I can. Kept me from getting ripped off in Marrakesh.

10. Moral of the story: Sometimes you can solve a problem yourself but out of convenience and to give people business you pay for a more expensive solution. And oh, by the way, pumping tyres is a good work put for chest, shoulder and triceps. =)

The end