3rd week review

 Wow! This graph has never been so high!
Good morning guys. It's now been 3 weeks since i started this blog. I now have 68 posts alhamdulillah. This is the 69th post. Yesterday before I went to bed i checked the good old Nuffnag analytics to see how many people visited my blog as I've been getting alot of comments about my brother's engagement post. I was quite surprised that as of 10pm last night, a total of 126 unique ip addresses visited my blog. Man, Hadi... if yr reading this, it's all about your engagement man! so many people are interested in your engagement! My usual daily hit is about 20-30 visitors. Gosh, i hope they dun read the other crap I write here. hahaha... And oh, I have visitors from Saudi Arabia and erm...India! Welcome to you guys, whoever you are. Anyways, normal service has resumed and I'll be writing my usual "thinking out aloud "articles" again... 

 Some people from new countries visited my blog yesterday.