My first earning...

I am gearing up for the 4-5 hour travel tomorrow to the place Dr Mahathir fondly calls "the middle state" - Singapore. Will be visiting my grand aunts and uncles and cousins from that side of the family. Hopefully I'll have time to meet up with a few friends working over there while i'm at it. I'll also get some parts for my X9 too.

Anyways, the title of this post is so because....

Hahaha... it's silly but I've earned the equivalent of 5 sweets from my blog. Can you even buy 5 sweets for 25 sen these days? hahaha... ah well, I don't blog to earn money and money is a by product only but hey, barely 2 months and I'm 25sen richer =P. Good stuff, but I use nuffnang more for the analytics really. Anyways, wish me a safe journey. Don't miss me too much! =P

I'll leave u with another KMYS records piece, this time an instrumental song by Omar Khan entitled "Valley of The Wind". The song was recorded in one of the challets with an acoustic guitar with alot of digital editing and an electronic drum beat. Enjoy!

Genius X

Some of the crazy things we did in A-Level college was KMYS records. A few of the guys would gather in a chalet (we stayed in small chalets) with a microphone and computer with alot of sound editing software and they would record stuff. Some were cool songs, some "interview" jokes. This is one of my favourites featuring one of my chalet mates. two of the guys in the clip are now marries (Yikes!) I wonder what their wives would say if they listened to this? Anyways, please be warned that the clip contains some undesirable language, typical of 18-19 year old boys. Listen at your own risk! Enjoy!

Fire Insurance

Okay, this is going to be a complaint rather than a normal post. A few weeks ago I received an insurance notice saying that I need to pay a certain amount, a few hundred ringgit for fire insurance for the Gaya unit that I bought last year. It is still under construction so I called up the insurance company. It happens that the insurance company is a subsidiary of the company I took the mortgage out with.

When I called the insurance company they said that since the property is still under construction they cannot insure it and I should contact the branch that I took out the loan out with and cancel the policy. So I did. When I got hold of someone over at the branch they said that it's the bank's policy to make us take the fire insurance. Unless the developer has taken out insurance for the project then they cannot cancel the policy. Basically a load of BS. Unless it's legislated no one can make you pay for anything I thought. Plus, why should I pay insurance for something that's not there yet? Doesn't make sense right? Then I called the bank manager. He said that "oh, the insurance is paid by the developer". What they sent u is just notification. I took his word and did nothing.

The, on Monday I get this letter from the insurance company saying that they will be debiting my account for the said amount at the end of the month. Please make sure there is money in the account. I was like WTH right? So I called the manager again. He was saying that oh, it's ok.... it's charged to your loan account. No worries. And how is that supposed to make it ok? Sometimes we are too used to borrowing to the point that it is ok to borrow more!? I'm trying to keep my loan commitments low so every ringgit counts. I insisted that I wanted to cancel the policy so he said that I should get a letter from the developer saying that they've taken out an insurance for the development. Before I called the developer, I called my property lawyer and he confirmed that the insurance needs to be taken, basically someone has to pay, it's either me or the developer. Fair enough.

The following day I called the developer. Took him one whole day to confirm that they have in fact taken out the fire insurance for the development and I will only have to take out my own policy after the hand over of the keys...Now that makes alot of sense. So, I asked the developer guy to produce a letter saying that they have in fact taken out insurance for the development. I need this to show the stupid bank guys so that they can cancel the stupid fire insurance policy. Cos this whole episode is just one stupid conspiracy to extort money from unsuspecting homeowners. I know alot of people would've let this go. Not me.

So, It's been a whole day and still no letter. I'm on leave tomorrow so I'm gonna pay the developer's office a visit tomorrow. I will demand a letter by tomorrow. I'm gonna sort this thing out by tomorrow before the weekend. If they don't do anything about it I'm gonna have to take further action. Let's hope it doesn't get to that point. Ok... Sabar Afif... later cannot sleep how? good night everyone.


My current phone wallpaper

I took the basic khat (arabic calligraphy) part time course last year at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. The course covered a few calligraphic styles but this is definitely one of my favourite styles. It's one of the things I look out for when I visit historical buildings in muslim countries and Andalucia, Spain. The piece of design above has probably been featured on my blog so many times. Well, it is my name and this is my blog so no wonder right? It is written in a particular Arabic Calligraphic style called "Square Kufic" style. It is a form of Kufic script. I enjoy doing this particular style cos you don't really need much calligraphic talent and skill to do it. Also, trying to fill in the gaps is really therapeutic and gets your mind off other things. Plus, the completed work is very attractive. First, a brief into on Kufic style of calligraphy from internet sources: 
Kufic is the oldest calligraphic form of the various Arabic scripts and consists of a modified form of the old Nabataean script. Its name is derived from the city of Kufa, Iraq. although it was known in Mesopotamia at least a 100 years before the foundation of Kufa. At the time of the emergence of Islam, this type of script was already in use in various parts of the Arabian Peninsula. It was in this script that the first copies of the Qur'an were written.

There are several Arabic Kufi styles but the most common ones are:

1. Old Archaic Kufi,
2. Floral Geometric Kufi and
3. Square Kufi.

The Archaic Kufi originates from Kufa in Iraq; hence the Kufi Calligraphic style name. The old kufi (Archaic Kufi) contisted of around 17 lettersforms without diacritic dots or accents. Afterwards the diacritic dots and accents were added in order to help pronunciation and the set of Arabic letters rose to 29 (including the Hamza).

With the birth of Islam, the Quran became the reason to reform all the Arabic scripts found in Arabia. One unified coherent Arabic script with 29 letters was developed for the writing of the holy scripts of the Quran in the 7th century AD. Primarily the Quran was written with the kufi script and later it was written with the Naskh style. The geometric Floral Kufi style is the descended of the Archaic Kufi style.
Floral Kufi is purely geometric in construction and the endings of the letters grow into floral patterns. Finaly the square Kufi is a geometric pattern style where the positive and negative spaces have the same width/proportions and the Kufi letters are drawn in simplified basic structures. 
 I can't possibly teach you guys about how to do Square Kufi art but I can give you a brief outline so that the next time you see this at a mosque or at some historical building in the middle east you will be able to appreciate it more and maybe try to read it. It can be read and is not mere geometric art. Heck, you can even find a Square Kufi art piece on one of the walls at level 3 Suria KLCC next to that tudung shop, i think that is opposite the Petronas Gallery, but i may be wrong. I dun work in KLCC.

First of all, let me show you how the letters look like when written in square Kufi. Note that most of the time the script is written without the dots. I sometimes put the dots in my work just so that I can colour them in adding to the modern ness of my work. As with other khat styles, adhering  to the rules and letter proportions and forms is very important. For example, a lam must not look like a ra and the proportions must be right to make that differentiation. Here's a guide to square kufi letter forms:

Other rules worth noting is that there may not be 2 consecutive "blank spaces" between letters. When i say blank spaces I mean the art must be snake like as in the nokia game "snake". That's the fun of doing square kufi: getting everything to "fit" without any extra spaces in between i.e. staying within the rules.

Another thing to note is that in a purely square piece like the one below, the  words spiral inwards from the outside. Usually it's from the top right hand corner but sometimes it starts from the bottom right hand corner. the piece below reads "Allahumma inna nasaluka redha ka wal jannah, wa nauzubika min sakhattika wannaar." One of my earliest attempts at square kufi on canvas. I did not do the design though. Credit to Mr Shukur Yahaya for that. 

The prayer means: O lord, please accept us into paradise and save us from the fire of Hell
 The same piece modified to be given as a wedding gift  

Sometimes I like to sign my works of art with a Kufi sign like the piece below. It is a mix of roman letters and Kufic letters but all in English Language.

Here's a recently completed one:

It reads: "by 'Afif: completed 16th April 2010, Wangsa Melawati." It's just a nice way of recording my work without it looking like an obvious label like the ones the teachers made us write at the the top of the margins in our exercise books at school. hehehe... 

I've been quite lazy to do any canvas art lately. There's still one piece I've been working on since February! Not touched it ever since. And suddenly now I have not much free time left. Those lucky enough to have received my kufi art count yourself very lucky cos I have been rather lazy or just have not any time to do any new art as of late. I usually give out my art as wedding gifts to close friends if i have any in stock. hehehe... as of late, stock is running low as there as been a "plant shut down" lately... hehehe...

Anyways, for those wanting to try their hand at this you can do so on Microsoft Excel. All you need to do is make sure that the cell shape is square. Get rid of the grid lines. Design by selecting the cells you want to colour and just click the paint bucket/fill button. Doing on excel means that you can delete any mistakes and redo. Experimenting with designs is also easy peasy in Excel. The manual method is by using graph paper which I do use myself sometimes, esp when my printer's ink is out and I'm too broke to buy new ink cartridges. So, why not give it a shot? It's cool. I'll leave you with some artwork i found on the net:

Cool ring with "Allah" written on it. Probably won't want to be walking around with God's name written all over my finger but with my name on it might be really cool.

This is the shahaadah written around a really common geometric motive that I have been trying to learn to do but can never remember how to do it...again, it's all about proportions.

Oklah... that's it from me for now. Next installment I will talk about the Tughra, a really cool khat design style used but the Ottoman Turkish Sultans as official seals. I will try to do my name in that style if i can find time to try it out... Laters...

Che Fif

Hehehe.. seems that alot of Malaysian bloggers have tried this before so it's only a matter of time before I did. Plus I should've gone to bed like an hour ago so it needs to be concise. So here we go, this is my blog in Che Det (Dr Mahathir Mohamed) style. =P

1. I realised that my tyres had lost some air yesterday after my DIY session at my condo.

2. I didn't think much of it, just pumped the tyre and told myself I'll get it fixed tomorrow (Monday)

3. I woke up in the morning with my front right side tyre totally flat

4. I rushed back home after work today to get it fixed as I will be Driving to Singapore this weekend.

5. I had to completely inflate a flat tire with a bicycle pump in order to get to the tyre shop. Pumping a flat tyre by hand is not easy. Trust me...

6. After getting to the shop it turns out that the valve was leaking air.

7. I personally thought that they could've just tightened the bolts in the inside of the wheel and that would've solved the problem.

8. They persuaded me to change the valve at a cost of RM18 for a metal valve as opposed to RM5 for a rubber one. I trusted the metal one would be more durable so I got that one at RM15.

9. I always bargain wherever I can. Kept me from getting ripped off in Marrakesh.

10. Moral of the story: Sometimes you can solve a problem yourself but out of convenience and to give people business you pay for a more expensive solution. And oh, by the way, pumping tyres is a good work put for chest, shoulder and triceps. =)

The end

Mum cooks arab...

I was hoping she did the nice lamb tomato soup I like but it was late so a quick dinner was the order of the day. So, I went shopping for the ingredients. I couldn't find 2 things: 1) Mint leaves (daun pudina) 2) Coriander leaves (Daun ketumbar). The two things my mum said added just for the aroma so it's ok if I couldn't find them. Well, it was late and all the herbs and fresh veggies were already sold out of the ones left were in a sorry state.

So, here's what we're trying to achieve:

Firstly you need to tumis all the base ingredients in butter, onions, garlic, cinnamon bark, cengkih, that bitter seed thingy, pepper seeds and that star thingy... hehehe... i dun know the names of the things. I just know how they look like abd how to use them. If a healthier option is required, please tumis in palm or olive oil.

Once that is done, it's time to chuck the lamb/mutton in. make sure u get rid of the nasty fatty stuff k. Eat well, but also eat healthy k. "sebuah pesanan khidmat masyarakat". This example has been cleansed of most of it's fat:

Put in a little water, about 2 tomatoes and some tumeric (kunyit) for colouring.:

Wash the rice and put enough water in as the amount of rice requires. The mint leaves would go in here now if i had found them at Carrefour earlier. But it's just for the aroma so it's ok. Before you close the lid, add a pinch of salt.

Let it cook over a small flame. Half way, you may need to give it a quick stir. the top bit usually cooks slower than the bottom so u need to get the uncooked rice at the top down where the heat is.

Cook till u think it's ready. We had this with salsa sauce. It's stupidly easy to make. Get some onions and tomatoes and blend. Then squeeze one lemon into the mix. The coriander leaves go here but obviously i didn't find any.. =(  Mum said if you want a bit hot, just add some chillies before blending. We didn't have it hot..

Last on the menu was the salad. Just a simple lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes in a dressing of lemon juice with some salt and sugar. Malay style according to mum.

So there you have it. Sunday dinner. It was absolutely scrumptious! Totally filled myself. Will sleep well insya allah. Tired from DIYing and full of lamb goodness... hehehe... good night my friends.

Birthday marketing

It has been a few weeks since my birthday. Yesterday I went to redeem one of my "birthday gifts" from a company I had business with before - Lim Tayar a company owned by CKL group of companies. I think i only had my wheels aligned or something but they kept my details and every year the send me this card:

Last year I didn't have enough time to use it (code for I forgot all about it and lost the card) but this year I had. And I did... yesterday. Since I de-modded my Jazz I haven't really paid much attention to it. The wheels I have now are used wheels after I traded my Japanese made wheels with my friend. At that time i was contemplating selling my car and going without a car for a few months but now I've decided to keep it and pay it off quickly instead. Anyways, the wheels have never been balanced and aligned since I got them so I thought to myself since it was free, why not right? So I went there and showed them the card and got the service fro free. I did an alignment as well which was an RM25 service since the wheels are coming off so I expected the bill to be RM25. When I got the bill, it was NOT RM25. It was RM34! hmmm... I queried & checked the bill and it turns out they charged for the lead weights they used to balanced the wheels! Only the service was free. RM8 for that and they also charge a service tax. So it all added up to RM34 something. Fair enough. It goes to show that when you're in the service industry, giving something for free does pay. It brings people to your shop and your sales guys can take it from there. Very clever.

I also got another one of these things from Honda Malaysia. The previous years they'd just give me a card with a book mark or fridge magnet. This year the got smart and gave me this:

Nice card, and opening it revealed not another tear out book mark, but this:

Hey hey hey... they got smart! They gave me a RM10 voucher off lube. Menial compared to the staff discount i get for Petronas lubes but you can see the trend. They're not trying to make money off us by pretending to do us a favour or acting like they're thoughtful and really care about us. Very clever but please remember, it is all a marketing gimmic and the bottom line is always profit.

By the way, the alignment and balancing job was really good so it's not all just trying to get money off you, the service can be good too...

Pasar Tani

Today was my turn to go grocery shopping at the Pasar Tani or Farmer's market. I came relatively early today around 7.30 ish and was home by 8.15am! result! Today mum didn't request anything pelik2 so it was a straight forward point and shoot, twist and go affair. I only arrive a bit too late to get any paru. I won't translate that cos in English it joust sounds not so appetising. No veggies or eggs needed to be bought either. Thing is with me, eventhough i'm tired, once the sun is up i find it very difficult to sleep. So I could not go back to sleep after the market excursion. So what do i do? Well, I clean the 2 whole chicken I bought at the Pasar Tani. Cleaning the chicken involves getting rid of the excess fat, unwanted skin - I do like the chicken skin on some chicken parts and separating certain internal organs that are edible. Very the leceh... but sometimes all these tedious tasks are calming to do esp with my iPod on as it takes the mind off other things and the task doesn't really use up much "processing power". So that was the morning.

Oh, I saw something very interesting at the parking lot of the market:

The pakcik with the Porsche Cayene loading his shopping

Looks like rich people go to the Pasar Tani too! hahaha... beli apa tu pakcik?


Shopping is something I don't normally do. I wear clothes till they are absolutely worn out. I have not outgrown a T shirt since I was 14. Oklah, I can't wear my jeans from Leeds that are the fitting type. Oklah, we've established that I am a fashion time machine. This post is actually about window shopping.

I met up with my tenant to get the keys back from her as she had moved out. We were supposed to meet at 7pm at KLCC but I arrived early. So apa lagi? I had to kill time by doing some window shopping - something I haven't done in years! The obvious first target was the departmental stores. Just scouting what's on the hangers this season. whilst passing the men's dept I remembered someone suggesting guys that can pull of wearing pink are cute. Hahaha... though I think do think pink tops are so last season (i'm the one to say huh?) I was eyeing this rather cool stripy pink-red shirt. I know that almost all my work shirts are stripy but i guess that's me. hehehe.... Anyways, I wasn't gonna buy anything so I quickly moved on. Next stop was the watch dept. If you know me you'll notice that I don't wear a watch. In fact I have 3 watches at home but i never wear them. Oklah, only 1 is still working but still, i dun like to wear watches - or any accessory for that matter. I always think of what ppl think of guys that dun wear watches? I already look very young, I wonder if not wearing a watch makes me look more kiddie like and immature? Takkan if I'm gonna meet my future father in-law looking like a kid? hahaha.. so I continued looking at watches. Why are men's watches so big?! I was thinking that all of them are too big for my petite wrists...

Anyways, that was a waste of time as I wasn't gonna buy any clothes anyways. So I went to check out electronic stuff - not that I was gonna buy anything anyways but I had time to kill... Most obvious target was  Sony Wings... but when I got there it was shut for renovations. Deym... So ok, next place would be Best Denki. So, when I got there it seems that the next big thing is 3D TV! I thought LED TV dah cukup canggih! Looks like ppl are going 3D! Problem is you hafta wear 3D glasses and the 3D content is not widely available. I am quite interested actually in getting an LED TV when I move into my own home so I checked out how much these babies cost. still on the expensive side... *sigh*...the normal LCDs were so cheap though. 40inch Sony LCDs were going for RM3k ish.. wow.. Ok, when I got bored of TVs I went to check out the washing machines. My tenant left me with a washing machine so I wanted to see how much washing machines cost. OMG, when i got there I was amazed at how many types and designs of washing machines there are! I guess most of them are just gimmicks - how else can u differentiate a "white box kitchen appliance"? U have your top loading ones with various tub designs, inverters, "silver wash" lah... then there's the front loaders, and front loaders with dryers, japanese makes, Korean makes and also European makes! damn! choosing kitchen appliance is not easy! I dared not go looking at the fridges after that... hehehe... Anyways, my tenant called after that so i went down to collect the keys.

After collecting the keys I went back up to check out some fitness stuff. Alang2 in KLCC kan? My right hand was still abit swollen around the knuckles so i though i'd check out the boxing gloves if any. my current gloves are semi-contact cloves and they don't protect the finger ends and the palm is exposed. I always have troble when doing uppercuts and hook punches... my fingers hurt afterwards and I am unable to punch hard. So time for a proper set of gloves i said to myself.

  My trusted old ITF semi-contact gloves
I know the ones at fitness concept and they're not so good quality. So I gave the Everlast shop a try. Last time i went they only sold apparel. Crap. Who buys Everlast apparel anyway?! they're a boxing company so sell boxing stuff lah! hehehe... when I came in to the shop it was like somene listened to the complaints in my head! hahaha... they had a section with boxing gear! Woo hoo!! result! And the time i went the boss was at the shop. Those who have gone "shopping" with me will know that I like to talk to the shop guy on stuff I'm interested in. So I was browsing through their selection of gloves which was quite considerable for just one brand. Different types and different weights and quality. I so wanna get them Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gloves later!! hahaha... I tried a set on and felt "invincible" for a while... hahaha... Ok ok... get on with the story Afif!

After trying out a few gloves for size, comfort and quality I asked the guy if they brought in the leather gloves. he said no. But he pointed to the one in the glass drawer...a clear sign that it was gonna be expensive... hehehe... I asked to try them on. Man, the ventilation on these babies were excellent. I could feel the air-con of the shop on my palm... wickid... plus the material used was softer and according to him more durable... give me quality and I can tell the difference... But was kinda skint... that's when the evil of plastic money came in. I know insya allah next month I'll be expecting some extra income to come in so I pun made the decision to get the pair of gloves in the glass drawer.... I justified to myself "ala...RM50 je more expensive"... hehehe... when I got home I further justified to myself that I didn't buy anything for myself this birthday... hahaha... Justify men justify... hehehe so here's my newly appointed birthday gift for 2010:

Greatness is within... what a cheesy tagline...

 I'll be mentally telling myself that I'm broke because of you guys (the gloves)


Yay! The photobook I made of my backpacking trip to Andalucia and Morocco is ready! This photobook however only covers the Andalucia part of the trip. I am quite happy with the result in general but one of the pages is upside down! =( Well, it's a free copy so i can't really complain. This friend of mine has just started a speciality printing business where he prints photobooks, cards, paper bags, badges and similar items. The company name is and he offers very competitive prices. I designed the layout and arranged all the photos and he printed and binded the book for me. The book he made for me is A5 in size and is printed on textured art paper. A special feature of his books is that the pages open flat so that you get an uninterrupted flat page when the book is printed. It would normally retail for RM99 for a 25 page book. A larger one would of course cost a bit more but it would make the perfect coffee table book for your guests while they wait for you to get them a drink. If you are interested in getting your own photobook of any of your trips or events, i can get you in touch with him. I might have a bigger one made of my Andalucia trip! All in all I had fun designing the book and going through the photos brought back fond memories of my first solo backpacking trip.

60 seconds

Today someone at the office commented that I have grown a belly or dah "buncit"! How dare he! Just because I wasn't wearing my slim-fit shirt today dah kena label buncint! Damn! So lesson here is that what you wear DOES affect people's perception of you. I dun usually care much about what I wear, and I acknowledge that I may actually need help in this department. As long as I think i'm presentable is enough for me. Trendy is not me. 

Anyways, I just weighed myself prior to writing this and I have actually LOST weight ok. I'm now a scant 65.7kg. I was 72kg at my most obese point in life prior to regular exercise in the form of martial arts classes. I now have 15% body fat and feel very much healthier though my cholesterol level is still "elevated". Tulah... i enjoy read meat too much! =p  I think I'll get my blood tested again in a few months time. Yesterday was time to get a fresh batch milk. OMG! the sensible Afif took control and I bought a BIGGER pack of the Nestle Nesvita powdered milk that i didn't like. I guess the taste grew on me and that "helps lower cholesterol" on the pack swayed my purchasing decision. I'm concious about cholesterol so long as it doesn't involve controlling my diet! hehehe...

 So, what's this 60 seconds title have to do with this post? Well, we had another one of our little fitness tests at MK Academy (the gym) today. I've done this test before at A-levels and I think I was way fitter last time. So, the test goes like this. You are given 60 Seconds and you hafta do as many reps for each of the given exercises as you can within the 60 seconds. Within that time I managed 43 Sit ups, 40 leg raises, 166 waist twists, 35 push ups, 128 triceps push ups and most painful of all 59 squats! I was the only one that was still still doing the squats up to the 60 second mark but that left me with no power to my legs for a good few minutes followed by stiffness in the muscles...

Ideally I would've wanted at least 60 sit ups, leg raises, push ups and squats but the lactic acid build up got the better of me. I even stopped at 35 push ups before the 60 seconds were over! During A-Levels I could do 72 push ups in a minute. But I guess I was much lighter back then and much fitter too. I remember me forcing myself to do 100 push ups and 100 sit ups everyday in my room. hahaha... those were the days.... Anyways, at least I have some numbers to beat next time!



 Have you ever been in a situation where you're sat in your car in a traffic jam and suddenly you hear a siren and you move over to the side? The siren in these situations are usually from an ambulance so you take pride in knowing that you moving to the side makes a difference to whoever needs that urgent medical attention. But then you see the sea of motorcycles behind the ambulance and you kinda feel abit annoyed and quickly "close the gap". Hahahah!! I know I've been there.

But this morning I was one of them motorcyclist behind the ambulance and I must say, having a siren is way cool! slicing thru rush hour traffic has never been this easy! I ended up overtaking the Ambulance after it helped me cut through the Bukit Antarabangsa - Ampang daily jam on the MRR2. Ambulances are not so fast afterall....

Anyways, today will be a day of many things so I'd better get on with the day. Have a great day ahead guys. =)

PRSB Mini Sports Carnival 2010

It's called a mini sports carnival cos the real sports carnival is in May/June. That's the Karnival Keluarga Petronas (KKP) which is the Petronas main sporting event of the year. This mini one was organised by us for us.

The day started early. I left home at 7.15 ish. The roads were clear so the journey was very pleasant. Riding a bike on weekend mornings is an experience everyone should try. I even saw Farhana on the way to PERMATA.

Anyways, When I arrived I went straight to the registration booth and collected my "early bird" gift even though i wasn't that early. I guess early is relative...They had packed breakfast for us in the form of Nasi Lemak, sandwiches, apples and bottled water. I'm not a fan of sandwiches so i took 2 packs of Nasi Lemak.. hehehe... the nasi lemak reminds me of my younger years where there were people selling packed nasi lemak in newspaper for like 50 sen... ah... but this nasi lemak was not bad at all.  

We all warmed up at the field next to the courts

Ooh yeah... nobody, nobody but you *clap, clap*.... hehehe
Right, the first event was the senamrobic or aerobics. Mass exercise. It was fun.... I guess... hehehe... i quickly whipped out my camera and started taking pics. My excuse not to do the aerobics! hehehe... here are some of my "victims", no names will be mentioned:

Look at the guys "backstage" bersemangat

Semangatnya Fad!
hehehe... sorry in advance if u find yourself in these photos k =p. Next up, the CEO kicks off the games by doing one of our sukan rakyat, bowling kelapa.

  Wondergreen - my team woo hoo!

So, the events kicked off. Games that were played on that day included volleyball, football, netball, pétanque, sukan rakyat (telematches) and there was a surprise event - tug of war! I was in the volleyball team. I like games that involve jumping... hehehe... I also helped out the sukan rakyat team in one or two games. So, we shall start our coverage with the sukan rakyat - well, only the ones that I witnessed as i was at the volleyball court most of the time.

the best photo though goes to: cute....

Some of the other sukan rakyat games:

So yeah, our team got 2nd for the game I was part of. that walk on brick game thingy... quite tiring to be honest....

Ok, let see what's going on at the volleyball court. Unfortunately, there's alot of green bashing happening at the volleyball court. All games were close games but I guess we were quite unlucky. But it's ok, we all had fun and we made sure everyone got a chance to play. We ultimately lost all games and the winner was the blue team i think. Damn it was hot that day! Anyways, here are some photos from the volleyball court:

The Wondergreen team!

 Check out the pompom kids. Glee or geli? Which father made them do this? hahaha...

From the volleyball court, lets go to the netball court. I didn't take many photos here nor did I follow any of the matches. But here are some photos I stole from a collegue's Facebook hehehe:

Alahai... cutenya the kid holding the banner to cheer on his mother!

Dah, habis. Now we're off to the pétanque playing grounds a bit further out from the main sports area. I didn't have time to go there so again, i curi some photos from Facebook. For those who dunno what this game is all about, think of it as main guli but with bigger, heavier steel balls. pics:

I kinda like playing this game. Relaxed and exciting at the same time. Like a slightly more physical board game. =)

Right, where do we go now? Yes, to the football field!I didn't follow the football but all i know is that we were in the finals and it all boiled down to a penalty shoot out. Exciting stuff... lets get into the action:

Go Azman! that's my officemate there! hehehe

Taking the shot

Damn! he missed!

Yes, we lost by penalties. That missed shot didn't help. But it's ok, it's not about winning... until someone rubs it in your face that is... hahaha... but it was also good for the spectators that it came to a penalty shoot out.

Last sporting event for the day: tarik tali or tug of war. No one was told of this event before hand. Kira surprise event lah ni... Our team was still playing football at the time the event started so we didn't have many big men to participate. that's why little old me got roped into the event! hahaha.. our players were mostly small guys like me. hahaha... we were anticipating quick defeats but surpirse, surprise.... we managed to win one match! hey hey hey.. not bad huh? lets have a look at some of the action:

All the teams in action

yeah, we tried our best but we were all very small ppl and none of us we wearing studded shoes

We won this one match! Result! the Red team supported us! look at the guy cheering us on! hahaha

hehehe... it was fun eventhough we lost most of the matches. There did however seem to be a correlation between which side of the field the teams were pulling and who wins the match as even we won at that side of the pitch! =)

After all that, it was time for the team parade and prize giving ceremony... lets get into the shade and into some air conditioning...

The Blue Pirates

The Red Tigers

The green and yellow parades

My favourite mascot - the Yellowbot - very creative
This is what we were all vying for:

The prizes

In the end, Wondergreen didn't do as well as well as we would've wanted to but hey, we matched last years performance which wasn't that good anyways but most importantly we had fun, inspite of all the uncertainty looming around the future of PRSB and the imminent re-org of the Petronas corporates structure. At least for a few hours, our minds were off those things and we just had fun. Cool. So, till the next event. See you guys next year insya allah!