What makes your day?

 I was quite upbeat at Abs class today. I didn't feel lethargic or anything. Spirits were high. Strange. During class Masturah asked me why. At the time I couldn't put a finger to it. No, i didn't meet a pretty girl beforehand nor was I meeting anyone after class. Well, I did get news earlier in the day that I passed my promotion assessment but that wasn't it. I know that will be a while before the effect will trickle down past mere words and letters on a computer screen.

No, it wasn't that. Now that I'm at home thinking about it I realised that I did have an enggaging conversation with a total stranger that was interested in a motor bike item i had advertised on a forum. For a brief 15-20 mins we talked about our bikes, problems and solutions with our bikes. All in all a most enggaging conversation. Now it hit me that what makes my day is when i have an enggaging conversation with someone - anyone. Like today it was a total stranger, tomorrow it might be a friend over YM or Facebook (urgh) chat...

You see, I am not one that is good with small talk. It's uncomfortable and in those situations I tend to say the wrong things. But I love meaningful conversations. Ask anyone who has spent hours chatting with me on YM or FB chat. I dun do long phone calls tho. Tak suka bergayut. In fact last month my phone bill was the highest i had in the past 2 or so years (b4 that i was using a supplimentary line so I dunno what my usage was like). It was about RM15 for calls. Last month i spent only RM7 on calls.

Anyways, that's just me. What makes your day?