Saya suka makan

 Mmmm.....Nasi Dagang! Yummy!
"I like to eat" oh yes i do! My good old friend Nasrul and wife threw a little gathering on Sunday afternoon and as with all Malaysian gatherings, there's always food! Yes, we are a nation of food, ala.. like the food court at Pavilion - Food Republic! hehehe.. The wife cooked Nasi Dagang (the wife is Kelantanese), Nasi lemak and the most exotic dish: Okonomiyaki. The food was excellent. company good so it was an all in all great experience. As expected, I tried out all the dishes and I must say the Nasi Dagang was pretty good! As were the other dishes. Thanks Nas for the invite. Nanti when I'm married we do a makan2 k. Then I pulak cook =) If you can't wait then tunggu I move out of the parent's house then I'll have my own kitchen to mess up! hehehe.. Check out the food.
 Pretty good Okonomiyaki...