I just got back from Mentari, barely cheating the rain. Which brings me to a topic that's very close to Malaysian, KLites especially - rain. Why is that so? So you ask. Well, I'n KL rain determines whether the MRR2 is usable or whether it's just gonna waste a good part of your day. It doesn't even have to be heavy rain! Despite all this rain we have in Malaysia, Malaysians generally do not know how to drive in the rain. Sure the congestion that happens in KL when it rains is partly due to the roads flooding but more often than not it is due to some unlucky guy rear-ending someone. The fact that rain decreases visibility and reduces road traction does not sink in to most driver's mind - even with all the rain we get to practise in! It's very like the UK where the whole nation grinds to a halt whenever it snows. Scandinavians however are in the element when driving in the harshest conditions. Have you ever wondered why so many World Rally Champions are from Finland? F1 too has a few talented Fin world champions.
Ok, re-focus Afif! My original intent was to talk about why rain means so much more to motorcyclists. I have a daily 60km+ return commute to my office in Bangi. On gym days the commute is more as i stop over the martial arts centre at Jalan Raja Chulan before reaching home. So, rain for me has two very important consequences: 1) Rain has a proven direct correlation with the traffic speed along the MRR2. The more it rains, the slower the traffic. 2) The potential of me getting wet - for obvious reasons.
Yesterday I experienced the worse rain I've experienced ever... well, for a LOOONG time lah. The thing is, the weather from Bangi to KL can vary greatly. It was raining super heavy from Bangi to Sungai Besi but past the airfield, it was not raining yet. Which brings to the age old (for me lah) dilemma before leaving the office… “should I wear my rain gear?” I always bring my rain gear with me but I will not stop in the middle of the journey to put on my rain gear unless it’s a really safe place like a petrol station or a proper bike shelter. I’d rather be wet than risk being run over under a flyover or by the roadside….
Ok, I’ve totally lost focus now. Hungry…. I’ll just hafta leave it there for now. Hopefully it won’t rain next week! Enjoy the remainder of your Saturday guys!