Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

No, that is not the real topic of this entry. Just thought the "Hindustani" title could be a little more catchy than Jodhaa Akbar. I just finished watching the film yesterday after like 2 or three sittings. Damn the film is long! It runs for 3 hours and 20 mins! I was intrigued about what the film was all about after my first attempt to watch "My Name is Khan" failed cos the tix were all sold out. I was recommended the film by my friend Akmal. So apa lagi when i got back home i straight away got to work on "procuring" the film. by the way, just for the benefit of you guys that are clueless about what this film is all about, here's the wiki intro to it: 

Jodhaa-Akbar (Hindi: जोधा-अकबर, Urdu: جودھا اکبر) is an Indian epic film released on 15 February 2008. It is directed and produced by Ashutosh Gowariker, the director of the Academy Award-nominated Lagaan (2001). It stars Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in lead roles. This film also marks the debut of newcomer Abir Abrar. Extensive research went into the making of this film which began shooting at Karjat.
The film centers around the romance between the Muslim Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great, played by Hrithik Roshan, and his Hindu wife Jodhabai, played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The music is composed by acclaimed music composer A. R. Rahman. The soundtrack of the movie was released on 19 January 2008. The film has won the Audience Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the São Paulo International Film Festival, two awards at the Golden Minbar International Film Festival, seven Star Screen Awards and five Filmfare Awards, in addition to two nominations at the 3rd Asian Film Awards. The Charlotte Observer ranked Jodhaa Akbar at #2 in its list of top ten films released in 2008 from across the world.

You see, i've watched Lagaan and totally loved it, the songs were cool (courtesy of A R Rahman) and there were some silly dances which were catchy. Most of all it was set in antiquity, during the British colony period in India. I am a sucker for films set in yesteryear! So, Jodhaa Akbar was an extra plus as it was set during the height of the Mugal empire. Those who are lost right now sila google Mughal ok.

So, my rating? I tak pandailah nak rating2 ni... Lets just say that the film was ok. Not bad. Could've been better. Nothing gets to me more than unconvincing romances. This film has a tinge of fakeness in the romance but oklah... Hindustan. They also tried to stay true to the historical facts but i'm unsure of it's accuracy. I've read about how Akbar (his real name Jalaluddin Muhammad) threw one of the traitors of his government off the palace wall till death... So, the story line was rather predictable but if you ask me, with all these films set in antiquity, what i enjoy the most is how they recreate the artwork, architecture, costumes and props. This film has them all in abundance! Like Akbar's palace costume - exquisite! I want one of them just as much as i want the Baju melayu that the baddie prince wore in the film "Queens of Langkasuka". Pelik kan? In the real world i don't really care what i wear as long as it's presentable oklah. But when it comes to traditional costumes i know what i want! =)

Islamic architecture and geometric art is another passion of mine. This film has them in bucket loads. The Mughal palace in Agra was done up so beautifully. You get a sense of culture in the different dressing of the people of the Mughal court. You have the Persians, Afghans, Indians, Turks etc...

Obviously the main message of this film is the Muslim-Hindu relations in India. I have string views on Racial and Religious issues but that is best left for another discussion. Have they suceeded in getting this main message across? well, sort of i guess. Akbar was the first Mughal emperor to abolish the Jizya tax imposed on the non-muslim population of Hindustan and in the film that seemed to solve everything and everyone was hugging each other after that. Only in Bollywood does that happen. hehehe

Anyways, I'm gonna make me a cuppa and get back to work and erm.... my reports.