I was feeling rather peckish after reaching home from work yesterday. As i stepped into the kitchen heading towards the packet of Maggi instant noodles i thought to myself "hey, i can do better than this!" Furthermore, Taekwondo class didn't start till 8pm so I had some time to whip something up. So, que the Jamie Oliver voice again, chef Afif is in the Kitchen!

Hahaha... well, this time i cheated abit lah. I did some cucur udang (Prawn fritters) with my fav signature secret ingredient, well.. not so secret lah, just added some diced potatoes. I loved this type of cucur since i was very young and learnt how to cook it since my early teens! Back then we didn't have any instant Adabi powder though. So, here's how to make these delicious snacks that can also be a meal replacement with all that potatoes and oil! =s blergh!

First get yourself a big container to mix the stuff in. I used an old ice cream tub which we have lying everywhere at our house. Yes, we eat alot of ice cream at home.... You see why i have to do these training activities. If i stay at home I'll turn into humpty Dumpty minus the wall....:s

Ok, focus Afif. Once you got the tub, select the best potatoes from America's finest farms. =p I used 2 which took a little longer to peel and dice but you can use one if you like. Peel, dice and chuck the fruits of your labour into the mixing tub.

Ok, if you're using the Adabi powder, pour that in together with some water according to the ratio on the packet and mix. The consistency should be such that the batter can slide off your spoon smoothly. Too much water and your cucur jadi tak bes (i forgot what happens if you put too much water) and not enough water and your cucur will become tough and also not nice. So again, exercise moderation.

If you do not have the Adabi instant thingamejib the you can either a) Save yourself the trouble and nip down to the nearest sundry shop and buy one or b) make you're own.

For the sake of proving that i really do know how to make the batter, which is really simple actually here's what you need:

1) Some dried shrimp
2) flour
3) I pinch of salt
4) Onions if you like.

Soak the dried shrimp in some water for about 5 mins. After that chuck them into a good old fashioned mortar and pestle (Batu tumbuk) and grind till it becomes all flaky. Mix that together with the flour which you have sifted and mix with water. There will be no instructions of how much water you need to put in so you'll just have to mix it till the consistency's good as stated above. Mix it together with the diced potatoes. Both should end up looking like this:

Pre-heat a wok with some oil. Start with a small flame to avoid and "surprises" when you put in the batter. *Note to myself, please wear a top next time i fry anything!"....

Put in the batter, in roughly one spoonfull dollops. Let it fry. Turn up the flame as a low flame will cause the oil to seep into the the cucur. I like my cucur crispy so it'll be this colour:

One you're happy with the colour, remove the cucurs and serve with your favorite chilly sauce. Yums! Selamat mencuba!