My office

The title is a deliberate spoof of the sitcom "The office" and this aptly describes my office. Well, at least the guys I hang out with at the office. The amount of joking around that happens at work is alarming! And I'm supposed to be working at a Research Centre where we're all supposed to be super geeks with inch thick glasses hanging from the very edge of our noses. Well, as the previous post discusses... not everyone here is the best they are and some just plainly don't really belong in research and would probably flourish in other places. Anyways, that is not my story today.... Afif, focus! I tend to go in tangents when I write. Too many ideas but no storyline... bare with me yeah.

Right, for me two things defined this week - The PRSB Tracking Survey and The 5S campaign. These two things have been the butt of jokes this past week. The tracking survey is basically aa annual survey to gauge if the management's been performing ok and the staff is all happy and the sun is shining brightly, birds chirping, butterflies flying around etc...  Normally it's done on-line but the strangley enough, the did it on hardcopy as shown below. So much for saving paper.
  The funny thing is that the sentiment on the ground is overwhelmingly negetive. Some of the questions were so blatantly begging for the answer NO (or 1 on the scale for strongly disagree and 5 for strongly disagree). I wonder why they even bothered putting the 5. Maybe some people are not as negetive as the people in my department. The survey turned into who could come out with the most creative comments - both in terms of points and also language and who could leave the least amount of visible paper. Hehehe.. but i think most people were very very honest and careful with their words and not acting/writing with emotions. Well, i know I did. Well, I don't think i won the least amount of visible paper left but i think I was honest and sincere in my comment.
I hope you can't see what i wrote! hehehe well, i think my bad handwriting took care of that! like we use pens to write more than meeting notes these days!

Ok, the 5s is an initiative to improve the working conditions at the office which is a good thing. The 5s's are Japanese words that I don't really remember. This week saw the launch of the first S - Seiri or "Tidiness". In other words we're supposed to get rid of our junk. Fair enough. But why do they have to 'launch' it like every year? Anyways, to add some sort of intelectual content to this post I've found a table on the internet explaining what the 5S means:
Japanese Term
English Equivalent
Meaning in Japanese Context
Throw away all rubbish and unrelated materials in the workplace
Set everything in proper place for quick retrieval and storage
Clean the workplace; everyone should be a janitor
Standardize the way of maintaining cleanliness
Practice 'Five S' daily - make it a way of life; this also means 'commitment'

There you go, you always learn something new with Afif. hehehe... Anyways, personally I admit that my workstation isn't the tidiest. Hehehe.. i bet you guys didn't think so too.That is why the photo of the laptop is all that you guys are gonna get until i clear the desk that is. Then I'll post a photo of it and everyone will think that i'm the tidiest person in the world.... at least for a week or so... hehehe.. Anyways, to reflect the sacarsm and frustration in the air, a few collegues have been rather "creative" with their Seiri campaign. I've put together a sample of the good ones. As always, click on the photos for bigger versions of the photos.
I don't know if you can read the captions on the pieces of paper but it's funny...
Here's a stack of scrap paper...
And a good example of seiri - why do you need 3 callendars? In the bin young man...
Thankfully, someone was generous enough to supply with the most ginormous curry puff i've ever seen this side of a puff pastry! check out the guy's label to prevent other people from using his mug! The tall one's mine.
So there you have it. A week of crazy pranks, jokes and shocking news (sorry the news bit is abit of confidential Petronas matters). Anyways, it's getting late. A full day ahead of me tomorrow. A wedding to attend and tenant related issues to sort out. And oh, my car's getting a sub woofer! hehehe, well... due to my unexpected spending to overhaul my Piaggio I can only afford a 2nd hand one =(. After getting used to the sound coming from my iPod, the stereo in the car sounds rather bass deprived. So i'm getting a sub woofer for the little blue Jazz. Ok then, lets not talk about gadgets here. Well, this post is not supposed to be about gadgets. Have a great weekend guys! (I'm asuming more than one person reads this)