Morning readers. To day i have a 9am meeting, a close out meeting for one of our projects so this will be short. Well, today I'm gonna talk about milk. I like milk. When i was a student at Uni milk used to be my staple drink, I drank it almost as much as i drank water. For those who've had the chance to taste how milk should taste like, which you can do in Europe/USA/Aussie/NZ, you will know that the milk we get here is rather, erm.... tasteless. I'm not sure why, but I think i have a theory.
 If you look at the label on the carton or bottle of the milk available on the supermarket shelves, you will notice that almost all milk available in Malaysia is "reconstituted milk" or similar words. So i reckon, that all milk in Malaysia except for Dutch Lady Fresh Milk is made from them milk powder, reblended, re packed and sold as "milk"... which brings me to my story... well sort of story...

 The first thing i do when I get to work is make me a cuppa coffee, very strong coffee. Almost arab level of bitterness. But I drink my coffee with sugar and milk. It has always been that way... black coffee? Ewww... and for the past year or so, the milk of choice has been Dutch Lady Full cream/Fresh milk. I switched to fresh milk after reading the label and realising that the full cream milk was made from them powdery stuff.
That changed recently though. I went for a blood test and the results came out saying that i had "elevated" cholesterol levels. Yikes! So i pun had this period of hyper awareness of what I eat and my morning coffee was not spared. It was time to stock up on a new stock of milk and i was at the aisle checking out what's new. Then mcm my eye caught a glimps of this label "NO FAT"... eh, normally ist Low Fat but this was NO fat! hahaha this stuff had NO FAT plus it had like the most calcium as compared to the rest... hmmm... interesting.. so i ended up buying a pack. It was one of them powdery stuff as i thought if i'm gonna buy milk that's made from them powders i might as well buy the powder and mix it myself! A bit kiasulah katakan...

No, it's Wednesday and i'm drinking black coffee! Why. The healthy milk tastes vile! oklah... vile is too strong a word. It tastes different. So tonight i'm gonna go back and shop for another batch of my trusted, full fat, unadulterated Dutch lady fresh milk. Made from "Fresh Milk" as stated on the carton. Eating healthy is really difficult!

(Que the Jerremy Clarkson voice)

So, Top Gear top tip: Buy only real milk!

Have a great day everyone!