Mentari 21st March 2010

I am at Mentari right now. Unusually, there are more volunteers than there r kids. I guess its the last day of the school holidays and they wanna enjoy every last minute of it.
Today the theme is "7 habbits of highly effective teens". We're focusing on things that are in our control and what are not in our control. Later on the kids, with the guidance of the "cikgus" the kids were asked to identify their strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and barriers.

It was fun to open the world to these kids, to help them explore themselves, identify their strengths and weakness and help explore how they can achieve their goals. These kids are not
very good at expressing themselves and what better way to encourage freedom of expression than to help them talk about themselves better.
Anyways, class is over. I'm off. Till the next Mentari class!
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