After two posts of commercial benefit to Dutch Lady and Maxis, lets not talk about brands...

Yes, the title of this post might sound like a program on the Bio channel but It's a topic I've thought about on and off for a while now. Not that it's anything important or anything it's just a pattern I observe in people. Notice it or not, humans are a creatures that like to collect things. Everyone's a hoarder in one way or another. Some like to collect stamps, some coins. Others collect shoes and handbags. Some collect girlfriends, boyfriends or wives (husbands boleh jugak but kalau ye pun, one at a time ya kawan2). On a more abstract note, some like to trave and collect memories, experiences of different places and some dare I say, like to collect skills. If i had the money I'd collect cars and motorbikes.

I believe this is a fundamental instinct of mankind such that we always want more. Today must be different from yesterday, next week better than this week and this year I should be better have more of what matters to me than last year. In this respect a new year's resolution is a form of collecting things too...

So what triggered me to write on this topic? Well, I woke up for Mentari last Sunday morning and as usual, suited up for the bike ride. Monday mornings are the best time for bike rides. Roads are empty and the temperature is just nice. Anyways, as I was suiting up I saw this:
I noticed that I have become a hoarder of bike gear. I now have 3 jackets and 3 Helmets as well as 2 gloves. Hmmm... This seem like a waste... but as all hoarders do, I tried to justify this to myself. (does that sound familiar?) So, how did i justify my excessive gear collection? Well, lets start with the jackets. I have 3 jackets. The left one is a mesh jackets i.e it has lotsa holes in it - a mesh. It has not so goo abraision protection as the mesh would rip if i were to slide on the road if, god forbid i'd take a fall. But It has good padding so impact protection is good and most importantly It's super cool in the mid day heat. The jacket in the middle is the best fitting jacket i own. The size is perfect and the fit glove like. It has a nice blend of mesh for good airflow and Cordura material that is abrasion proof on strategic parts. So it's a good alround jacket. The last jacket is a waterproof jacket. It has a bretheable waterproof inner liner to keep me dry if it rains. The outer material is Cordura as well but it has no mesh materials. So the downside of this jacket is that it gets very hot if i ride during the day. To go to work is ok as it's quite cold in the mornings. The water proofness is a plus point abut the size is one too large. It was the smallest size that the shop had.   

The helmets are a little harder to justify as I only need 2, one extra just in case I wanna take someone for a ride. The helmet on the far left is my first helmet, the one I bought when I was learning to ride. I didn't want to share helmets with god knows how many other people. That is very un hygenic. But now i am a more seasoned rider i know what i want in a helmet and it's not some thing that's hard to wear and has a tiny visor that makes you feel like you're looking through a letterbox! The gloves on the other hand i need a backup cos if it rains one day, the I will need a dry pair of gloves the next day. So that's easy enough to justify.

So, that's me. Think about what you hoard/collect. Then ask yourself, "what's my excuse?"