Goodbye March, Hello April

Good morning everyone. It's a sombre start to the day as with the departure of march, the end of the Petronas financial year means that who ever applied for transfer and got it will be gone tomorrow. My lunch group member is one of those people. Sad to see him go but i guess he needs to move on to do better things. I think i need to too. The air of uncertainly and pessimism lingers in every conversation and every joke we crack at the office. Indeed my friends, these are trying times. Oh well, life goes on regardless...

Happy birthday to all March and Aries babies. Just imagine that you can open the card and like the best wishes of your liking are written in that card =P
I've failed to sleep before 1am again. I'm so sleepy right now it's not funny. Anyhow, I've made a card for all March and April babies. Cos my birthday is April jugak so kira sekali lah. To those who were lucky enough to get a personalised card, count yourself very lucky cos I really didn't have much free time lately. March is the busiest month for me. I was planning to go jogging at lake gardens after work but now think i'm just gonna go straight home after work. I'm gonna get my house hold chores done early so that I can sleep early. I need that more than my jogging! Anyways hope you guys like the card. Happy birthday to my Aries friends out there!