Actually, this is not my first blog. I think i must've created 2-3 blogs before this but they're all without a first post! I've just robbed any other Afif's out there from a few potential blog names! Sorry other MEs... Those who've ready my fotopage might know the type of style I like to write but I'm no writer, heck i dun even read that much! I will try not to write about relationships but everything else is fair game. I also try not to insult anyone but i will not be politically correct all the time. Please understand that it's all done in good faith with no intent to hurt anyone. Why do i sound like writing a disclaimer that companies make you tick at the bottom of a form and which no one really reads?

Anyways, yeah, i guess i'm a blogger now. It all started with me feeling bad cos i tend to bug my friends on these Instant Messaging thingies when i'm bored or am just plain lazy. So now i'm doing you all a favour by rambling here rather than when you're writing that report or being called by your boss again in the day. I'll try to be disciplined and write as often as I can cos "every one has a story". Whether meaningful, significant, lame, interesting or not it is MY STORY to tell. So yeah, this is my first post and i'll leave it here for now. I'll try to figure out how i can blog from my blackberry as most cool things in life don't happen when you're sat down in front of the PC. Till the next post then! Good night Malaysia!