Farewell Nik

One of the three persons in my department leaving is Nik. He's one of the regular "lunch gang". For the last lunch in Bangi we wanted to go somewhere different so some bright person suggested steamboat at Alamanda Putrajaya. "Yay!" =S... I'm not actually a big fan of steamboat but it wasn't about me today so majority wins. It was rather an expensive lunch by our standards but it was ok value I guess. The whole thing was quite filling though the problem I have with steamboat is there is no real taste to it. I'm more of a full on flavour and the whole food texture experience.. hahaha... not too good at explaining it am I? Anyways, we will miss the one missing guy during our lunches from now on.On second thought, that's one less person cracking "bachelor" jokes at me during lunch! hehehe... See ya around Nik & good luck at the new place!

Yes, I'm not too keen on steamboat.