Everybody was kung fu fighting.....

*Gong* (que in the Chinese accent)

Welcome to MK academy. I am not Master MK. Today we are not going to Kung Fu fight... hehehe We are going to learn how to execute a mean turning kick...

To help explain, i have enlisted erm... myself as the dummy who's going to demonstrate how to execute a turning or in England we call it the round house kick.

Firstly, we shall start off from the guarding position like so: (smiling is optional)

Note the positions of the lead (front) foot which in this case will be the pivoting foot and the back leg which will be the kicking leg. Ok, in slow mo... lift your rear leg like so:

The rear knee is the most important part of your body at this point. The knee has to be high, higher than your waist. As demonstrated by yours truely:

Note the pivot foot position above. In the next step you will have to make a half spin on your pivoting foot so that your heel is now facing forwards. this will force your backside to turn along with your knee and leg. This position is commonly known in the Malaysian Taekwondo fraternity as the "Kangkang Anjing" position. Trust me, it won't make it to any Yoga classes! It should look like this:

  Make sure your backside, and pivoting foot has moved k...


Lastly, extend your leg and throw the kick like so.... the tougue action is also optional... hehehe sorry, i have a habbit of letting my tougue out when i'm concentrating... :s

So once you can master these positions, try to do all the steps in one fluid motion. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Oh, btw... Ladies. This is also another fav kick of mine. It is very practical for self defense and you don't need to be jelly fish like flexible. When executed right like the "lakonan semula" below it can cripple the agressor. I have tried this on my brothers whilst wearing a kain pelikat so i can vouch that you can use this kick whilst wearing your skirt, baju kurung etc...

The ket to this kick is that your knee must travel beyond the target (the agressors leg) and as much of your body weight must rest on your kicking leg others are the same as the normal turning kick only the knee can come lower.

So, okay.. there you have it my young Padwans (que in the Jedi accent)... Practice well and you may learn the next technique... when you are ready... =)
hehehe... be safe everyone!