The drive up to Machang

Its been about 6 hrs since we left KL. We just pasted Kuala Kerai. Traffic is ok but these Lumber trucks are dotted across the road to KB and there is only one road if yr using this route.
Which brings me to my observations on the state of Kelantan so far. There is effectively no civilisation from the outpost town of Gua Musang till Kuala kerai. You know you've arrived at Kuala kerai when you start to see development. They seem to be building everywhere! Good? I guess. There r too many Kelantanese outside kelantan and I think the ones left, I big chunk of are jobless. Yes, Kelantan is a poor state. It explains why they cut down so many trees. The state government has little income from other taxes and petroleum royalty.
Anyways, I can't wait to see my grandparents. Not been back since Raya last year. Grandma has been extra poorly lately so it'll help to give her some extra moral support by just being there for her.
I can't wait to have more Kelantanese food too! Its 3 PM already. I'm hungry. I think we're near now. Thank god for technology. When I can't sleep in the car now at least I can blog! Hope you are having a great day what ever you're doing.
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