I wonder how many people, Malaysians especially are doing what they really want? I am a firm believer that everybody can be very good at something. The key is finding that something. Dare i say that is where Malaysia's education has failed - ensuring that everyone can be the best they can. As I have emphasised before, not everyone is academically inclined. Those who fall into this group, are they given a way to be the best they can?

Ok, that group aside, what about us graduates. Are we given the opportunity to be the best we can? Being the best you can involves alot of self awareness, exposure and guidance. Knowing what you are good at and what makes you tick is key. How we know ourselves is by exposure, trying out new things, television, school trips, stories from friends, relatives, parents in short the environment. That's why i think that people from better off and successful family background stand a better chance of being the best they can. They're exposure is much greater than say, a kampung boy who the furthest he's been was probably to school. I'm not saying that kampung boys cannot go far in life - far from it. My father was a kampung boy too. But he was lucky that my grandfather was a teacher. In those days schools in rural areas were few and a standard 6 education was more than most people got. My father used to follow my grandad to his classes eventhough he was not at schooling age yet. He would sit at the back of the class and listen. He got a headstart in life. I doubt he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up, but he went on to good schools, MCKK and eventually to University in the UK where he got married and had me and my brothers - but that's another story.

What i'm trying to say is the more exposure one gets, the better chances one has in finding one's way in life. One must meet people, see things, experience things, try new things, know what it's like to fail, get burned once in a while.

Why am I talking about this? Well, I just sent my CV to apply for a position that is totally new to me in a place totally alien to me. Am I sure I will be able to perform in that new position? Ofcourse I am not sure but hey, I've been at my current position for the past 5 years, what can be worse? right? Though i like the relaxed work culture, the lovely people there, the friends I hold dear but if one starts questioning one's own performance - "Is this the best I can do?" then you know it's time to move on, try something new. You see, ever since i was a wee lad, I've been into many things. After SPM I wanted to do a degree in Industrial design. My dad asked if I really wanted to do something that's not so sciencey? Plus I think my artistic side was underdeveloped since I started schooling in Malaysia. So I did a degree in something I was facinated in ever since i could draw on walls - much to may parent's grief. I applied for a degree in Automotive Engineering. First at UTM but after i got the Petronas scholarship I pursued the degree at the University of Leeds which happened to have the best Formula SAE team so I managed to get some very valuable hands on experience, made really good friends and hold many a good memories.

Was this what i wanted to do for the rest of my life? Even after graduating I wasn't sure. After not getting a spot on the Sauber Petronas F1 team I gave up. My current job though potentially something I would like, I don't think Petronas is a company to be if I wanted to be in this field. So here I am, still searching. Some friends say that I should try something non-technical. You see, I'm not the super geek guy that knows things to the most minute of details. I'm more the generalist. Knows enough about things to have a conversation about it, but ask me more and I'm just i'll just give you my "standard smile" as my officemates so "lovingly" put it. They say i should meet more people since they say that my networking is very good and I am able to talk and warm up to anyone. Fact of the matter is that I am terrible with people and keep to myself most of the time. Everyone probably sees me with my game face on which lasts a few hours after which I go back to me and myself. That's why i'm reading this book called " How to talk to anyone" though I've stopped reading it like ages ago. I just can't stick to a book for long. Heck i can't even remember where i put the books i just bought at the book fair last weekend! hehehe.... hopeless...

Anyways, makin mengarut... always a sign to shut up. So I will leave you all with a question: Are you the best you can be? If you are, good. If you aren't, what are you doing about it? Or are you happy with the status quo? Questions that only living life will enable you to answer. Sleep well everyone.