Bekwoh is Kelantanese for feast. But yesterday I've learn't one new Kelantanese cultural fact. Well, at least new to me. I attended a wedding feast, Kenduri kahwin of a relative yesterday. We were invited to a "Kenduri kesyukuran" or thanksgiving feast. At first I was confused but dad pointed out that in Kelantan, if u are invited to a kenduri kesyukuran it means that the host does not expect u to come bearing gifts but if u are invited to a "Walimah", a wedding feast then u are expected to come bearing gifts. But ofcourse if u bring gifts to Kenduri kesyukuran its still ok. Learn something new everyday huh?
Today will be Laksam eating day and we're traveling up to Kota Bharu after prayers to honour an invite by my grand aunt. That should be good. Can't wait!
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