17 day report...

Well, my blog has only been up for 17 days and I already have 50 posts including this one. Hmmmm.. I thought I'd be addicted to blogging though not all posts were of my own writings. Since I registered with Nuffnang, I haven't earned any money yet but I found really interesting tools the have like the total visits to my blog below. Not many people frequent my blog but it's ok. It's kind of a personal blog so hopefully just friends an family drop in here though others a more than welcome to drop by and have a look. 

And also from where my visitors came from:
I can guess who's reading from Malaysia, well I wouldn't know specifically who. Australia I can guess who, UK I'm not too sure but I can guess who, Norway I know who cos I only know 1 Norwegian, the States hmm... only two people would read my blog from the states and I can guess who. UAE, I definitely know who's tuning in from there and also Singapore, I can guess who's tuning in from there. Hahaha... this is fun. But check out today's views and where they came from:
There's a Kiwi tuning in to my blog! I wonder who? I don't know any New Zealanders... oh... come to think of it, maybe I do... Anyways, it's getting late. Enough goofing around for one day. Good night everyone!